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Research activity

The Department of Biology and Agronomy is actively continuing its research work.

Now, when most scientists and students are on vacation, the Department of Biology and Agronomy is actively continuing research work under the leadership of Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Serhii Masliyov and Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor Natalia Matsai.

This period is characterized by the most intensive course of the main phases of plant growth and development. Therefore, for a full-fledged verification of the laid down experiments, the scientists of the department continue their research, both on the topics of the department and on the topics of dissertation research.

The postgraduate students Evgen Masliyov and Natalia Tsygankova continue to research the QUEEN OF THE FIELDS – sugar and burst corn, on the topics of their dissertation research.

The postgraduate student Vitalii Stepanov conducts experiments on the topic “Optimization of sunflower growing techniques in the conditions of the Luhansk region.” The main areas of work are: finding the optimal nutritional area for sunflower by changing the plant density per 1 ha. On one of the options, the row spacing was changed from standard 70 cm to 35 cm. On the other, the number of plants per 1 running meter was changed from 3-4 standard to 5-6 subjects.

On the experimental sites of the department, the postgraduate student Natalia Korzhova conducts experiments on the topic “Agrobiological features of growing promising varieties of spring barley in the Steppe zone of Ukraine.” Today, the test varieties are being monitored in the wax ripeness phase, all research results are processed according to generally accepted methods and are covered in professional journals.

In parallel, a study of winter wheat crops is being carried out. The scientist of the department, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Oleksandr Beseda, working on the research topic “Modern energy efficient and alternative technologies for growing winter wheat”, develops further technological and practical recommendations for caring for crops to obtain high yields.

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