Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Victory in the All-Ukrainian Competition of Projects

A student of the Educational and Research Institute of Public Management, Administration and Postgraduate Education became the winner of the All-Ukrainian Competition of Projects.

With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on the basis of the Mykolaiv National Agrarian University, the All-Ukrainian Student Professional Creative Project Competition “Territorial Development of Communities in Ukraine” was held in the following nominations:

  • Organization of an effective system for the provision of social services to the population.
  • Enterprise development, local development.
  • Reforming the system of housing and communal services.
  • Improvement of the improvement system.
  • Improvement of mechanisms for organizing public order and environmental protection.
  • Development of hotel and restaurant and tourism activities.
  • Energy and resource conservation, including in the housing and utilities sector.
  • Support for a healthy lifestyle of the population.
  • Improving life safety, reducing the risk of natural and man-made disasters on the territory of the administrative-territorial unit.
  • Development of effective community management mechanisms.
  • Implementation of mechanisms for the effective use of financial, land, property and other resources for the development of local self-government.
  • Educational, scientific and information support for the development of local self-government.
  • Increasing the legal capacity of territorial communities.

The purpose of the competition was to ensure the intellectual self-improvement of young people, the formation of their active civic position and involvement in the social and political life of territorial communities.

The jury consisted of scientists from different universities, employees of local governments, organizations, a total of 17 people. In total, 33 projects from 21 higher educational institutions  were submitted to the jury.

The evaluation of the works was carried out by the jury through double, blind, reviewing according to the following criteria: relevance of the project; creativity and scientific novelty of research, the presence of social, economic or environmental impact; scientific validity of the research; methodological approaches to scientific research; presentation skills, clarity of presentation of the material; the ability to conduct a scientific dialogue, reasoning of conclusions; suitability of the project for practical use.

According to the results, Svitlana Barabash, a student of the Institute of Public Management, Administration and Postgraduate Education, was awarded a II degree diploma in the section “Development of Effective Community Management Mechanisms”, and her scientific advisor Nadiia Vasynova was awarded with gratitude.

Congratulations to the winner and her scientific adviser and wish you further scientific advances.

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of Public Management, Administration and Postgraduate Education

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