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Final exams for students majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science

The Educational and Research Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technologies held the final certification of bachelors majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science.

The final certification of full-time bachelors majoring in 014 Secondary education (Mathematics. Informatics), the Bachelor’s educational program was conducted on June 16-17, 2020 remotely using the Zoom service according to the established schedule and met all the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Certification of future teachers of mathematics and computer science consisted of 2 stages: the 1st stage – an oral comprehensive exam in special mathematical disciplines: mathematical analysis, analytical geometry, algebra and number theory, methods of teaching mathematics (June 16,2020), 2nd – comprehensive oral exam in computer science and methods of teaching computer science (June 17,2020). The examination commissions of both complex exams contacted in full force and were fully provided with the necessary documents, sets of tickets, computer equipment. Both days, the technology for conducting the exam was the same: students were sent e-mails to their chosen tickets, photos of responses to tickets were sent to all members of the examination committee. These photos were the “plan” during the students ’oral response at the Zoom conference. In general, when assessing students’ answers, a qualitative level of training was revealed, students own and use basic theoretical principles and methods for solving problems from the corresponding sections of mathematics, computer science and their teaching methods. The members of the examination commissions showed a high degree of exactingness in assessing the answers and, on the whole, did not find any fundamental comments on the procedure for conducting the final certification.

We wish graduates success and invite them to study at our magistracy!

Department of Algebra and System Analysis

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