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Final certification at the Institute of Culture and Arts

The final certification began at the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts. 

On June 16, final certification began at Institute of Culture and Arts, and newly-minted bachelors majoring in Audiovisual Art and Production, Cultural Studies and Choreography can expect their well-deserved diplomas.

Comprehensive exams in the specialty for students of these specialties contained both theoretical and practical tasks. This year it was the practical parts of the exams that were surprisingly interesting and spectacular. Of course, teachers and students of the institute are accustomed to the fact that the final certification always takes the form of concerts or public exhibitions, which everyone can visit and communicate directly with graduates and share these crucial moments with them. The quarantine contributed to the establishment of distance technologies and, although they deprived the audience of the spectacle, allowed us to carefully and seriously approach the organization of the certification process.

Olha Yurovska, the editor-in-chief of LLC “TRK ‘IRT – Poltava”, became the chairman of the examination committee for the specialties Audiovisual Art and Production and Cultural Studies; for the specialty “Choreography” was Viacheslav Vitkovskyi – Honored Artist of Ukraine, Associate Professor of the Department of Choreography, Institute of Arts, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. Together with other examiners, they evaluated the level of training of future bachelors and demonstrated high professionalism and interest.

Among the graduates majoring in Audiovisual Art and Production Victoria Atamanicheva received excellent results and was interested in her scenario design of a television show for preschool children. It should be noted the general shift of the development theme vector from entertainment to social, which indicates graduates’ awareness of mass media and their responsibility for the product that they create. A graduate majoring in Culturology Zinaida Khoruzhina also received an excellent mark for the final certification and confirmed the right to receive a diploma with honors.

Students majoring in Choreography in the practical part of the exam demonstrated their own choreographic performances. Excellent grades were received by Daria Krivenko and Viktoria Dymovska, who, by the way, is the Honored Artist of Ukraine. And if future television workers and media workers showed their interest in the public in their works, then choreographers, by the general idea of ​​their productions, on the contrary, plunged into themselves, their inner world, philosophy and feelings.

The Educational and Educational Institute of Culture and Arts welcomes the current bachelors and wishes success and happiness, and also awaits a meeting in the magistracy!

Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts

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