Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

The Center Continues to Work Fruitfully

Restrictions imposed in the country during the quarantine have significantly complicated the work of the Window on America centers, but despite temporary difficulties, the Window on America Starobilsk information and cultural center continues to work fruitfully.

During this period, the center has conducted remote projects dedicated to important events in our lives. Such events include an online flashmob “Earth Hour”, a photo challenge for Earth Day, World Autism Awareness Day, a video flashmob for Mother’s Day, an online marathon for women leaders (supported by NGOs “Inventors” and “AlexEuroFood”) “Feeling and Harmony “, a virtual tour around Starobilsk from Access students, as well as regular classes with students of the program on the online platform Zoom, the official Facebook page and Instagram.

For example, former Peace Corps volunteer Raisa Alstodt joined the English Embassy’s MicroScholarship Program in Ukraine on May 26. With the start of quarantine, all US volunteers have returned home, but continue to support with Ukraine and help the Window on America centers. The lesson was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Raisa spoke about her Ukrainian roots and was happy to answer questions from Access students about the culture of the United States and Ukraine, favorite dishes, traditions that she remembered, and offered to work with her in the future.

Center “Window on America” is planning of further remote work and possible projects and events, which are absolutely free for all participants. It is important to note that the necessary support is regularly provided to the coordinators – online workshops on the organization of distance work, development of online classes and activities, training on the development of professional qualities for English teachers.

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