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“Organization of Tourism” through the eyes of freshmen

The first-year students of the ER ICSTT passed the exam paper in the discipline “Organization of Tourism”.

This week for the first-year students majoring in “Tourism” was marked by an examination in the discipline “Organization of Tourism”. Today, tourism is really a mass phenomenon. The need for rest and travel took one of the first places among the most important human needs, the lifestyle of which has become dynamic. The practical activities of tourism managers are based on the understanding of the basics of touring, mastery of the technology for creating and implementing tourist travel. Successful travel largely depends on the specialists of tourist support – guides.

One of the main types of tourist services is the organization and conduct of excursion and information work with tourists, for which the tourist escort workers, in addition to erudition and a broad outlook, need to master the technique of excursion business.

So, during the course “Organization of Tourism” Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Department of Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Business Alla Gutsol acquainted students with the methodology of excursion business, the techniques for preparing and conducting excursions, and also focused on quality, which a professional guide should have. Applicants for education, in turn, prepared their own development of a tour of their native city or village. Each supplemented his presentation with a so-called “tour guide portfolio”, which contains supporting material for a better understanding of the nature of the excursion object.

“In general, the goal and tasks that were set on the eve of the study of discipline have been unambiguously achieved,” Alla Gutsol said.

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