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World Vyshyvanka Day!

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University celebrated World Vyshyvanka Day!

Vyshyvanka is an original symbol of Ukrainian identity, a national relic that has absorbed history, mythology and culture. It reflects all the feelings and emotions of people, because every detail in it is not accidental. Colors and patterns were selected according to the meaning that the craftswoman wanted to put into her creation. Thanks to the dedication of our nation to the cultural heritage, today we can admire such an amazing outfit.

World Vyshyvanka Day is a national holiday, which aims to unite the nation, revive the culture and preserve the original traditions.

In connection with the Covid-19 pandemic, celebrations in the native Alma Mater were held online. The Center for Culture and Leisure organized a university-wide challenge “Ukrainian Song in Vyshyvanka”. There were a lot of people who wanted to sing their favorite Ukrainian song or recite a poem. Representatives of almost all structural subdivisions and graduates of past years actively posted videos on social networks. The Ukrainian word was surprisingly combined with the acting abilities of the participants. The youngest participant in this challenge was the three-year-old Vladik, the son of the head of the Vocal Studio, teacher of the Institute of Culture and Arts Tetiana Konovalenko.

It has already become a good tradition for our university to give embroidered shirts to newborns on this day in our city. Despite quarantine, Alma Mater’s employees couldn’t visit the hospital, but they donated the first embroidered shirt to Dianka, the daughter of Tetiana Konovalenko. 

Viktoria Kalinina
Precc Center of LTSNU

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