Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

On the Specifics of the Local Elections

Today a deputy of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Head of Supervisory Council of LNU Vitalii Semenovych Kurylo has told about the changes to the election system.

The elections to the local councils will be conducted on October 25, 2015. They will differ from the elections five years ago.

The main novation will be the open candidate lists. In other words, people can choose not only a party but a concrete candidate to village or city council. There used to be just a name of political party with closed lists in the voting bulletin. So, having given vote to some party, the voter did not know which deputes exactly would be in the village or city councils. Now the name of party and candidate’s name will be indicated in the bulletin.

One more important change is a possibility to revoke a candidate if he does not perform his commitments. Now not only a session but the ordinary voters can dislodge the heads of the village or city. One needs just to collect signatures and to hold a referendum.

Also Vitalii Semenovych has drawn attention to conducting reforms of local government and has noted that there would be the elections to new joined territorial communities in two districts at the territory of Luhansk region.

“I appeal to the citizens of Luhansk region who will go to the elections on October 25. Please, choose only those candidates who are ready to the reforms, who are ready to reform local government, who know the laws and can work well. Choose real professionals!”, – has noted V. Kurylo.

Watch the interview.

Yuliia Tretiakova,
Press-Centre of LNU

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