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LNU Students have Got Acquainted With the Activities of NRC

The first-year students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology have learned about the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC).

The leading lawyers of the Norwegian Refugee Council Iryna Ivanchuk and Ruslan Morguniv have held a lection-consultation for the first-year students of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology.


The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is an independent, humanitarian, non-profit, non-governmental organisation which provides assistance, protection and durable solutions to internally displaced persons and victims of conflict in Luhansk region.

Iryna Ivanchuk has told about the program “Information, Counselling and Legal Assistance” (ICLA) which provides assistance to displaced persons and victims of conflict in Luhansk region to implement rights and freedoms, to overcome legal obstacles by increasing the level of law knowledge due to supplying information and legal consultation.

Ruslan Morgunov has provided very useful information on obtaining the electronic entry permits for passing the demarcation line. He has presented the slides about the features of electronic form of application.

ICL program started in April 2015. Mobile teams of lawyers visit the places of compact residence of the victims and work in the Legal Assistance Centre in the city of Sievierodonetsk.

Experts of the Centre advise you on a number of problematic issues. It should be noted that ICLA does not provide criminal legal aid.

For more information on Legal Assistance Centre, please, contact Student Social Service.

Alona Kyrylenko, Press-Centre of LNU

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