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Competition of thematic photographs

A competition of thematic photographs “Нічого кращого немає, Як тая мати молодая З своїм дитяточком малим”  (“Nothing is better, than a young mother with her little baby”) was held at the university. 

Within the framework of the Shevchenko week, the results of the competition of thematic photographs. which was held on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the birth of Great Kobzar, were summed up.

The competition was attended by 15 teachers and students of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts, College of LTSNU, Starobilsk Humanitarian and Pedagogical College, Lysychansk Pedagogical College.

The first place in the competition was shared by the teacher of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts Alena Tereshchenko and the fourth-year student of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts Zinaida Khoruzhina.

Alena Tereshchenko presented a photo work entitled “A Look into the Future”, explaining the appearance of the photo with such a story: “This photo appeared in the summer in a clearing where a group of girls had played before almost all of their childhood. And after 10 years, their children are already running around here. This girl dreamed of great happiness. And here it is in her hands. Her future! ”

Zinaida Khoruzhina presented a photograph entitled “Mom is a synonym for love”, which is based on an instant in the life history of her best friend and her little daughter. The author admitted: “For many years I have known her, she has never been so happy as she is now. It is rightly said that motherhood gives wings, gives a woman strength and inspiration. Once we walked together by the river, talked, took pictures of nature. That is how this photo came about. I just caught the moment when mother and child became one, something more than this world, more than love.”

The second place was taken by a first-year student of the College of LTSNU Vladislav Sirenko with a series of lyric photos “We know the whole world with you, my sun” and a third-year student of the Lysychansk State Pedagogical College Diana Smirnova with the work “Flowers of My Life”.

The third place was taken by the fourth-year student of the Institute of Culture and Arts Viktoria Atamanicheva, first-year student of the Institute of Culture and Arts Artur Shibalov, and the third-year student of the Lysychansk Pedagogical College Yana Ponomarenko.

It should be noted the active participation in the photograph competition of students of Lysychansk Pedagogical College.

Thanks to the participants! Congratulations to the winners! We are waiting for new creative works!

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