Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Deserved victory

The team of the ER IPES took part in the Winter Open Cup of the Cadet Corps on volleyball among enterprises and educational institutions of the city of Kreminna. 

In the Luhansk regional lyceum with enhanced military-physical training “Cadet Corps named after the heroes of the Young Guard” held Winter Open Cup of the Cadet Corps in volleyball among enterprises and educational institutions in the city of Kreminna. The competitions were attended by the teams: ER IPESˮ, “Piatnitsia”, “Cadet Corps”, “MON”, “DSTU 18-50” and a team from Severodonetsk city “Severodonetsk Hospital”.

Our team was represented by the Head of the Department of Sports Disciplines Tetiana Poluliashchenko, Associate Professor of the Department of OPS Serhii Shinkarev, Deputy Director Pavlo Hordienko, teachers of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports Oleksandr Hadiuchko, Maksym Kovalov, secretary of the institute Lyubov Novikova, laboratory assistant of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education Lina Buhaiova and students Dmytro Morgoslip, Serhii Dobrytskyi, Yulia Zhygailova.

In order to get the highest degree of the podium, our team needed to conduct confidently all the games. The first game was very nervous with the team “DSTU 18-50”. After losing it, our team braced up and won the game with a score of 2:1. The next game, for leaving the group, brought the following results: “ER IPES” – “Severodonetsk Hospital” 2: 0. In the final, our team met with the team “Piatnitsiaˮ and won 2:0.

We congratulate our winners and wish them success and further victories not only in sports, but also in life!

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