Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Miss College 2020

On the eve of the International Women’s Day, the event “Miss College 2020ˮ was held at the College of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. 

The first flowers awaken to life in spring. And a woman is exactly that flower that creates comfort, gives warmth, light and joy to everyone around.

The magic applicants for the title of Miss College 2020 were:

  • Alina Zhabko, 3rd year student majoring in Primary Education;
  • Karyna Ovcharenko, 1st year student majoring in Design;
  • Viktoria Rybianets, 2nd year student majoring in Design;
  • Karyna Matsneva, 3rd year student  majoring in Secondary Education (Physical Education);
  • Polina Yukhnova, 1st year student majoring in Design;
  • Viktoria Bykadorova, 2nd year student maroring in Design;
  • Hanna Kucheryavenko, 1st year student majoring in Primary Education.

In the beginning, the chairman of the Academic Council Vitalii Kurylo addressed all those present, “I want to congratulate all our women, employees of our university on the upcoming Women’s Day. Every day we remember our wives, mothers, whom we value and kiss. Be beautiful, healthy, happy and loved! Dear women, you are beautifulˮ.

Starting from the 1st contest of the defile the “First Impressionˮ the contestants impressed with their beauty and charisma.

In the “Visiting Card”, the applicants imagined, demonstrating their photos and hobbies. During the contest, “The Seven Shades of an Angel”, each girl demonstrated to the audience her own wings of an angel. At that moment, it seemed as if angels had descended onto the stage … It was incredibly spectacular and beautiful!

The contestants showed their talents. So, Alina Zhabko, Karyna Ovcharenko, Karyna Matsneva and Hanna Kucheriavenko demonstrated their choreographic abilities, Viktoria Rybianets decided to become a hairdresser and stylist and therefore presented their creative work, Polina Yukhnova sang the song of the “Brave Girls”, and Viktoria Bykadorova presented her creative works on painting.

The last competition was the defile in evening dresses. Girls, along with their companions, demonstrated their elegance and femininity with the help of unique dresses. 

The contestants were evaluated by the jury consisted of the director of the LTSNU College Natalia Motunova;  chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization Volodymyr Moroz;  the owner of the agency “Bomba” Tetiana Lymanska, director of the Oriflame company in Starobilsk city Angelika Zherebilova, and Oleksandr Lyvatskyi, Associate Professor of the Department of Theory and Methods of Physical Education. 

As a result, Miss Grace became Alina Zhabko, Miss Artistry – Karyna Matsneva, Miss Creativity – Viktoria Rybianets, Miss Elegance – Karyna Ovcharenko, Miss Charm – Polina Yukhnova. Karyna Ovcharenko won an audience award. Hanna Kucheriavenko became the Vice-Miss of the College 2020, and Viktoria Bykadorova became Miss College 2020.

Congratulations to all participants! We wish you beauty of the soul and restless happiness.

Viktoria Kalinina,
Press Centerof LTSNU

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