Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Ecological Tournament

An environmental tournament was held at the Faculty of Natural Sciences among students majoring in Ecology. 

This year, for the first time, an environmental tournament was held at our Faculty. Such events are traditional for many leading universities in Ukraine where students of natural specialties compete with knowledge in their professional fields.

The teams consisted of the first-third year students majoring in Ecology. Students came up with the names and symbols of their teams, namely: “Ecotope”, “Environmentalists” and “Ecopatrol”. The initiator, organizer and moderator of this event was Associate Professor of the Department of Gardening and Ecology Tetiana Komisova.

The environmental tournament was judged by the respected jury consisted of Natalia Matsai, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences; Serhii Masliyov, Head of the Department of Biology and Agronomy; Olga Gubska, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs of the Department of Natural Sciences; Serhii Skakovsky, Assistant of the Department of Gardening and Ecology, and a master student majoring in Biology Oksana Dziuba.

During the tournament, the teams showed not only the level of environmental knowledge, naturalistic erudition, the ability to find solutions to environmental problems, but also the ability to work in a team. This tournament showed clear leaders who were able to rally and lead the team.

All reports were thorough, interesting and were accompanied by vivid presentations, opponents and reviewers – principled and decisive. Discussion of the problems that were considered caused a lively debate, which included not only team members, but also the jury.

The competition between the teams was very intense. Two teams with the same number of points reached the final, and therefore it was difficult to identify the winner – an additional blitz-competition of the captains of the two teams “Ecotop” and “Ecodefenders” helped. And the Ecotop team, led by the team captain, 2nd year student Mykola Kostiuk, won the fight.

The winners of the tournament received a challenge cup from the Dean of the Faculty Natalia Matsai, which will be transferred to the winners next years. All teams were awarded with diplomas and sweet prizes.

The tournament was held in a pleasant atmosphere in the audience, which was kindly provided by the informational and cultural center “Window on America”.


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