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Interactive workshop

On February 24, they held an interactive workshop with training elements for students of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports.

“If you do not know how to manage yourself, other people will manage you” – it was the slogan for an interactive workshop, which was held on February 24 using such training elements, such as “Personal and pedagogical self-regulation in the context of the professional activities of future teachers” for the 2nd and 3rd year student majoring in “Secondary Education. Physical Education” and “Secondary Education. Human Health” of the ER IPES.

The event was held by the Department of Pedagogy in order to prepare students for professional self-regulation, namely the formation of knowledge, skills, abilities of self-regulation during teaching activities and the experience of its implementation. The coach was Inna Kurlishchuk, Associate Professor of Pedagogy, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

During the event, students presented the results of their own scientific and practical research on the nature and mechanisms of personal and pedagogical self-regulation, the psycho-correctional potential of various means of self-regulation and the conditions for the successful formation of self-management skills. The implementation of the training exercises made it possible to check the effectiveness of individual techniques for analyzing pedagogical situations, relieving physical and psychoemotional stress.

The workshop resulted in the implementation of a collective project “Bank of Self-Regulation Methods”. In it, future specialists gathered methods of physical and psychological regulation of behavior, which, in their opinion, will not only be useful to the teacher in the conditions of professional and pedagogical stress, but also will be able to prevent professional burnout.

Based on materials from the Department of Pedagogy

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