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Interview with the Chairman of the Academic Council

The Chairman of the Academic Council of LTSNU Vitalii Kurylo spoke in an interview about the implementation of the project “Intensification of the influence of teachers of the Luhansk region on the processes of reconciliation and peace”.

Our university quite often wins in projects and grants from various countries of the world, including the EU.  Vitalii Kurylo spoke about the move of our university to Severodonetsk city, about international projects and grants, in which Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University is involved. In particular, they discussed the project “Intensification of the influence of teachers of the Luhansk region on the processes of reconciliation and peace”. 

  • Vitalii Semenovych, please tell me what international projects and grants our university has been involved in during the 5 years that we have been in Starobilsk district?

Our university takes part in many projects and grants, especially since 2016. Due to these projects, we built the university’s infrastructure, equipped a biological and medical laboratory and a modern television studio, 2 classrooms, received computer equipment and equipment for dormitories.

The latest project “Intensification of the influence of teachers in the Luhansk region on the processes of reconciliation and peace” is the largest in recent years. We are the only university in the Luhansk region that won the project and received a grant for a maximum amount of 1.5 million euros. It is associated with the preparation and intensification of the influence of teachers in the Luhansk region on the processes of reconciliation and peace in the Luhansk region. The project is designed for 3 years. It provides for the creation of a modern center on the basis of the building of our university in Rubizhne city, which will unite 12 districts and structural subdivisions of our university, which are located in the Luhansk region. On its basis, training or retraining of teachers will be carried out, related to issues of war, peace and the influence of teachers on all these processes.

  • Let’s talk more about the latest project. What is its importance?

First of all, we take a large number of teachers from schools of the Lugansk region, university teachers and senior students. Trainings, master classes, and seminars will be held with them, where we teach people to be non-conflict, to work with the population, with children, in order to remove this topic of militancy. We need to change people’s moods and build a single state, from East to West, in which we all would live and understand that Ukraine is our Motherland, our united state.

  • What is planned to be done during the implementation of this project?

A number of events will be held. First of all, it is necessary to select people, then conduct various trainings, seminars with them, publish methodological literature for them, and hold meetings with the population. It is necessary to train people who would be ready to carry this idea to the masses.

  • How will this project be implemented? Can any stages be planned?

This is a long-term project that will develop for a long time.

  • How will this affect the activities of our university?

This will affect the university’s activities in different ways. Firstly, we attract a large number of teachers and students. Secondly, the university will receive material benefits in the form of repairs, as well as literature, and a modern publishing center will be created.

  • Vitalii Semenovych, how will this affect the development prospects of our university?

This is one of the elements of the university. If the university considers itself a serious regional center, then it should influence various spheres of life in the region. The role of the institution of higher education, its mission is not confined only to the training and graduation of the student, it is to influence various socio-cultural, economic, demographic processes in the region. Therefore, the university should be the locomotive of the development of the Luhansk region. It focuses on scientific, cultural, youth, educational potentials and should give projects, ideas and contribute to this development.

  • Can you confirm the transfer of our university to Severodonetsk?

Yes, the move will take place. This is one of the elements of the university. It so happened that the university is located in several cities, but these are not branches. These are structural divisions that will perform the full-fledged functions of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. A modern university no longer requires the creation of a single campus, where all students will study. We chose a different university development strategy before returning to Luhansk. We create various campuses in different cities. Today, there is a need to create another campus in Severodonetsk city. There will be some administrative and managerial bodies, as well as those specialties that do not receive development in this territory.

Thanks to this meeting with the university administration, it was possible to find out a lot of valuable information about the participation of our university in international and all-Ukrainian activities, as well as the development prospects of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

Viktoria Kalinina,
Press Center of LTSNU

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