Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Defense of creative works

Master’s students majoring in “Fine Arts, Decorative and Applied Arts, Restoration” defended their creative works.

This year, their level of performance and conceptual justification is surprisingly high – graduates approached their projects with professionalism and ingenuity, presenting to the commission truly mature and sophisticated works worthy of exhibiting in the exhibition halls of Ukraine.

The defense took place in the workshops of the Department, thanks to which a real artistic atmosphere was created. One should highlight some of the works that were presented interestingly.

The kinetic composition “Go” by Bohdan Fesenko is a sculpture made of metal with moving parts, a real motorcycle of a real size, on which you can sit and imagine how you are going towards sunset. The presentation of the work took place in the genre of performance – appropriate musical accompaniment, removal of black fabric from a motorcycle, like an expensive car, backlighting, using the help of a model to demonstrate the possibilities of sculpture. The very idea of ​​kinetic sculpture is quite new and outstanding, because the technical side of the work looks complicated. And the master’s student brilliantly coped with both the task of manufacturing and the effective demonstration.

Nazar Maistruk presented the sculptural composition “Peace” – spectacular and elegant, which also has certain signs of kinetism – because all modules made of faience are placed on a metal base that can move if it is given the corresponding impulse.

Kateryna Goriashchenko turned for inspiration to the aesthetics of the film “Black Panther” and created the conceptual decorative sculpture “Afrofuturism”. Her work symbolizes freedom, joy, readiness for change and the use of future latest technologies along with ethnic color and archaic elements of culture.

Oleksandr Nedzhdii presented a real antique sculpture in a modern interpretation – a white Aphrodite. He worked on it for more than a year, because in order to make a realistic, albeit stylized, sculpture of a beautiful girl, it was necessary to go through many stages, from sketches and creating test forms to casting from plaster and painting with varnishing.

Denis Zozulia showed a series of seven etchings (engravings on metal), which were supposed to symbolize seven notes and their mystical interaction with various symbols and signs of the universe. In general, etching is always elegant and unbanal, and the technique itself is quite complicated to execute and requires significant skills.

The large-scale work of Yuri Chekh is on the battle theme in the style of realism. Yuri conveys the story of his family on the canvas, while simultaneously exploring such a terrible page in Ukrainian history as the existence of a concentration camp in the city of Khorol, Poltava region. After working with sources, studying the impact of military conflicts on the work of Ukrainian artists, the master’s student created a truly professional and high-quality work of art that does not leave anyone indifferent.

We cannot tell about all master’s students, but each of them created truly unique and worthwhile works that can be seen in the workshops of the department to everyone.

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