Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Academic Council meeting

Today a scheduled meeting of the Academic Council took place at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. 

There were four main issues on the agenda:

  • about the state of educational work with university students who entered through the educational center “Donbas – Ukraine”;
  • about the university budget for fiscal year 2020;
  • about the organization of practices at the University;
  • about conferring scientific titles.

Having listened and discussed the report on the status of educational work with university students, who entered through the educational center “Donbas – Ukraine”, of the acting head of the Educational Department Valentyna Lesnova, the Academic Council noted that the educational center “Donbas – Ukraine”, which has been operating since 2016, provides residents of temporarily uncontrolled territories with the opportunity to enter Ukrainian higher education institutions according to a simplified scheme.

Today the contingent of students of the educational bachelor’s degree who entered LTSNU through this center is 433 full-time students (17.6% of the total contingent) and 129 part-time students (6.6% of the total contingent). These individuals are trained in groups with other students in general educational programs that do not provide for the allocation of specific professional competencies for this category of educational applicants.

Representatives of the student’s self-government conducted a survey of students who entered the University through the Educational Center “Donbas – Ukraine” and individual conversations with them. The vast majority of students positively evaluate the work of the center “Donbass – Ukraine”: 88% of respondents see the prospect of its development; 86% of the respondents said that they had no difficulty entering the university; 97% of those surveyed said they would recommend this admission program to friends. The important thing for further work is information on what sources applicants learn about the educational center “Donbas – Ukraine”: from friends (40%), at school (32%), on the Internet (20%).

The discussion was attended by the representative of the student self-government Oleksandr Mironenko and the dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences Natalia Matsai.

The report on the university budget for the fiscal year 2020 was made by Tetiana Berezhna, the university chief accountant. After hearing and discussing the report, the Academic Council noted that estimates of income and expenses of the special fund for 2020 provide for income in the amount of UAH 66330.00.

The Academic Council believes that the following cost items should be the priority areas of expenditures: salaries of teachers and staff with accruals, payment of utilities, travel expenses, overhauls and maintenance, purchase of items for the educational process, household equipment for university maintenance and payment of documents about education, rental of structures, payment of taxes and other expenses, acquisition of computer, office equipment, premises, scientific and methodological work.

Having listened and discussed the reports of the leading specialist of the Educational Department Svitlana Negodiaeva, the acting head of the Department for Managing the Quality of Educational Activities Margarita Kravchenko on the organization of internships at the University, the Academic Council noted that the practice of applicants for education is an essential part of the process of training specialists at three levels of higher education. The University participates in the system of organizing various types of practices (at the level of the educational department, deans / directorates, scientific and pedagogical workers of the departments), practice bases, and higher education interns.

The main organizational and methodological document regulating the activities of higher education applicants and practice leaders is a practice program developed for each educational program in accordance with the curriculum and list of competencies, taking into account the requirements of educational standards. As the analysis of curricula showed, the volume of professional practice is 20 – 25% of the student workload. Practices are held at the bases in the direction of professional training, which are selected by the department on the basis of an analysis of the production and economic capabilities of enterprises, organizations, institutions according to their suitability for conducting the relevant student practice and the prospects for their further employment.

The discussion was attended by Alina Oliinyk, chairman of the university student self-government, and Svitlana Vovk, head of the Department of Political Science and Law.

Based on the results of the secret ballot, the Academic Council awarded the academic title of Associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy to the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Inna Kurlishchuk.

Among other things, by the decision of the Academic Council, scientific and methodological works were recommended for publication, the topics of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy were approved, the Admission Rules at the State Institution “Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University” in 2020, as well as a new form of diploma on higher education of our own sample were approved.

Viktoria Kalinina,
Press Center of LTSNU

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