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Report of student self-government

On December 19, a meeting of students and an activity report of student self-government took place at the Institute of Economy and Business.

Student self-government of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business is an association of student youth that includes several sectors. Representatives of each sector are responsible for a specific area of ​​work.

On December 19, students of the Institute of Economy and Business came together to get acquainted with the work of self-government, their achievements and problems. At the beginning of the meeting, the Deputy Director for Social and Humanitarian Affairs Oleg Chernysh congratulated the participants. He thanked the students for their activity, support and expressed hope for further fruitful work.

Next, the chairman of the student self-government of the Institute Ilia Kameniuka addressed the audience. He introduced students to the goal, directions and main tasks of the work of self-government in the 2019-2020 academic year. Ilia also spoke about the prospects for student self-government in the future.

The heads of each sector of student self-government of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business presented their reports. So, the chairman of the cultural sector, Yelyzaveta Bespala spoke about the events in which students took part in the first half of the 2019-2020 academic year. The main cultural event for young people was the contest “Hello, we are looking for talents”, in preparation for which students and teachers joined forces.

Maria Soloshenko, chairman of the art sector, made a presentation on the main activities. So, students were preparing several posters and compositions for the six months. During the meeting of the local government, young people decided to expand the scope of the sector.

The chairman of the social sector Anastasia Diahyleva introduced the participants to charity events that students joined. So, students collected things for orphans, took part in activities on AIDS Day, and also congratulated the children in the Starobilsk District Hospital on St. Nicholas Day.

The chairman of the sports sector Danylo Karona spoke about the achievements of the Institute’s athletes and the problems that exist in the sector. So, the women’s volleyball team regularly takes prizes. But there are certain problems in the training of the men’s team.

Maria Voronina, chairman of the scientific sector of student self-government, spoke about conferences held at the Institute of Economy and Business. But at the same time, there are a number of problems in the sector. So, it is necessary to pay more attention to informing students about scientific conferences, opportunities for the publication of scientific articles and abstracts.

The head of the press service of the Institute Valeria Tkachenko introduced students to how the institute is represented on social networks. So, thanks to the efforts of the press service, pages on social networks were created where information is regularly updated. But there are certain problems with the preparation of information materials. To solve this issue, two more students were included in the sector, who will make efforts for more thorough preparation of materials and publications.

The chairman of the student council of the hostel Viktoria Kovtun spoke about the activities and the problems faced by students living in dormitories. Students vividly discussed the report and focused on issues that need to be addressed.

In general, the work of student self-government was found to be satisfactory. Student youth asked questions and summed up that success can be achieved only through joint efforts.

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