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Students congratulated children

On December 19, students of the Institute of Economy and Business congratulated children undergoing treatment at the Starobilsk District Territorial Medical Association.

Winter holidays are filled with the atmosphere of fairy tales and childhood. And St. Nicholas, who is a traditional wizard in Ukrainian families, should bring joy and gifts to each child during the holidays.

That is why the students of the Educational and Research Institute of Economy and Business on December 19 decided to congratulate the children in the Starobilsk District Hospital. Such congratulations have already become traditional for students of the structural subdivision. Such an event was organized by representatives of the social sector of student self-government of the Institute. They held a charity event to raise funds for gifts for babies.

On this festive day, students congratulated the children and their parents, and also presented gifts. Great help in organizing the holiday and collecting gifts was provided by the student social service. The youth wished the children a speedy recovery, good health and good New Year holidays. And the children read verses and thanked for the kind words.

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