Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Men’s Handball Championship of Ukraine

Students of LTSNU as part of the “ZTR-BUREVESTNIK” team continue to play in the Ukrainian Men’s Handball Championship (Super League).

In the last meeting, Luhansk residents defeated Portovik from Yuzhnyi city with a score of 36:29. A great contribution to the victory was made by students of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports. The goalkeeper O. Novikov (4 year) played confidently in the last game. In the attack, Plahotin D. (3 year), Sagdeev M. (2 year) powerfully attacked, A. Popovich (4 year), and I. Odinokov (3 year) scored 12 goals in the last match with the youth. In defense, D. Osadchyi  (3 year), D. Nikulichev (2 year), K. Smelkov (2 year) played calmly, without losing their composure. Unfortunately, the latter was injured.

Although our team is quite young, but still it is constantly improving its skills. After 9 games, “ZTR-Burevestnik” takes  4th place! Ahead – a lot of difficult matches, because the Championship will end in May 2020.

Recall that in summer 2019, the combined team of LTSNU took 2nd place in the Ukrainian Handball Championship among universities.

Oleg Leontiev

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