Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Creativity Competitions and Entrance Exams

The applicants pass the exams to enter the extramural education.

Those who wish to study at the creative specialities supplied for before August 12 and now they pass exams. As well as for full-time education, the entrance professional exams and creative competitions are conducted in Poltava and Starobilsk in the following specialities: “Cinema and Television Art”, “Musical Art”, “Design”, “Physical Education”, “Sports”, “Human Health”, “Journalism” and “Technological Education”.

The creativity competitions are aimed to test and evaluate the propensity for the creative activity in the directions (specialities) of different branches of learning.

The creativity competitions for bachelor’s degree have two stages, except for “Human Health” specilality. Every stage is evaluated from 100 to 200 scores. The minimal score for each stage is 101.

The creativity competitions for those who enter the education in “Physical Education” and “Sports” are conducted as taking sports norms and in “Human Health” – as preparing and defending sanative program (there is only one stage).

The applicants of “Choreography” display performing skills of classic dance and dance according to the chosen speciality as well as of theory and practice of choreographic art. The creativity competition in “Cinema and Television Art” direction is held as reading the suggested information and analytical texts and writing journalistic text. Applicants-journalists write a social essay and edit the text.

The entrants for “Fine Art”, “Arts and Crafts” and “Design” need to draw from life (still-life) and paint from life (still-life). Future musicians perform a program in the chosen speciality, solfeggio (in oral and written form) and colloquium. There are test tasks and projects for “Technological Education”.

The ranking list will be announced after August 22, 2015. Follow us on our website http://luguniv.edu.ua (“University Entrants” tab)

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