Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

I am Ukrainian!

Curatorial hours on the topic “I am Ukrainian!” dedicated to the Day of Dignity and Freedom were held for students of the Institute of Culture and Arts. 

November 21, our country celebrated the Day of Dignity and Freedom. In 2019, the holiday was held under the slogan “Free to Create the Future! ˮ

For students of all specialties, curatorial hours were held on the topic “I am Ukrainian!” dedicated to the Day of Dignity and Freedom. The main purpose of the event was to strengthen the sense of national identity, dignity and civic activism, respect for Ukrainian culture, a sense of pride in homeland, as well as to actualize the issue of the Holodomor as a national tragedy that should not be forgotten.

Students carefully listened and watched modern videos of the information campaign of the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, the video clip of the TNMK group “The history of Ukraine is complete and uncompromising, without decorations and pops” and a video of an ordinary citizen of Ukraine showing that Ukraine is a separate world in which there is everything!”.

Students majoring in “Audiovisual Art and Production” played in a real brain ring, where two teams fought: “Unconquered” and “Independent”. The questions were about the history and culture of Ukraine, about its outstanding figures in the form of puzzles and blitz questions. The winner was the team “Independent”.

For the specialty “Musical Art”, the curators chose an educational format: the issues of dignity and freedom were supplemented by a discussion of the Holodomor as a terrible tragedy of the Ukrainian people, as well as student speeches. Special attention should be paid to the performance by the student Oksana Andreeva of a touching and sad song “Candle” to the music of the famous composer Miroslav Skorik, after which a minute of silence was announced in memory of those who died during the famine.

Students majoring in “Choreography” and “Fine Arts” examined works of art devoted to the theme of the Revolution of Dignity, and also watched a mini-film made by one of the students, Artem Ochnevim, dedicated to the preservation of the language of national minorities in Ukraine.

At the end of the curatorial hours, questions were asked: “What can each of you do for your country?”  Students concluded that they have the power to stay in Ukraine and help it develop, protect its nature, culture and language and bring up its children in the future so that they have no doubt that their country is no worse than others, that their native language is Ukrainian, and they are Ukrainian.

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