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Another student is a scholarship holder

The fourth-year student of the Faculty of Foreign Languages majoring in “Secondary Education. Language and Literature (German, English)” Maria Sidelnikova became a laureate of the scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Over the four years of study, Maria has established herself as a persistent and diligent student. She is constantly interested in science and willingly does new innovative research.

The student took the III place in the II round of the All-Ukrainian Competition of Student Research Papers in Romance and Germanic languages ​​of the academic year 2018-2019 on the topic “Semantic Features of Nicknames in Modern German Internet Communication”, which took place at Kyiv National Linguistic University. The academic adviser was Olha Blednova, senior lecturer at the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology.

Every year, Maria actively participates in All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conferences, where she considers new topical issues regarding the teaching methods, literature and structure of German and English.

The student is persistently engaged in self-education and self-improvement, is respected among teachers and students, since she is the chairman of student self-government of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. She daily shows a stable citizenship and her responsible attitude to the tasks and their implementation.

Personally, Maria expresses great gratitude to her academic adviser Olha Blednova and Olena Bindas, head of the Romance and Germanic Languages ​​Department, for their help, cooperation and support.

Therefore, we wish you creative inspiration!

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