Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Future Wordsmiths

Future wordsmiths have demonstrated their creativity and skills.

“The press is the mind and heart of the nation: the mind is thoughtful of its people, it considers all its deals, suggests any particular solutions; the heart feels the nation, it beats in time with the million of hearts who are not able to find the words for their feelings without journalists”.

Yevhen Onatskyi

This year the applicants have been delighting with their good grounding and creative power. Future journalists have displayed their skills at a high level.

Traditionally, the applicants were suggested two tasks of creativity competition. The first one was to write an essay. The social theme could be chosen from three suggested. At the second stage one needed to edit the journalistic text: to correct mistakes, to rubricate it and to come up with the heading.

“Our youth is really talented! – shared her impressions the Head of the Department of Journalism and Publishing Natalia Fedotova. – It is important that they see themselves in journalism and that they have chosen this speciality intentionally. They were performing the tasks well. It is obviously that they were preparing and they have a good grounding. The works turned out very interesting. Everyone managed to give a piece of mind within the chosen subject. They proved their point of view and logically built the text.

Journalism needs such people – talented, decisive and intended to raise mass media to the highest level. They want the journalism to be “the forth estate” in fact not in word.”

Statistically, Ukrainian journalism is a woman. It’s great that this year there are many boys among the applicants.

Having chosen the profession of journalist and education at our university, the students get everything for fulfilling their potential in the profession. The educational program covers many journalism specialities because it is aimed to train universal journalist. Our students study the work in mass media, acquire the skills of television journalist and broadcaster and the work in web-based media. In addition, they learn professional photography, working with video, print media page layout and study various professional software.

The curriculum of “Journalism” has much practice. Since the first year our students undertake internship at the best Ukrainian media. It gives a big boost for the young journalist. Feeling like a real reporter or TV presenter is a great joy for a student. Regular practice is a key for success of future specialist. Great part of graduates work in the prestige media of Ukraine.

At the fourth year the students defend their creative qualifying projects. The teachers don’t restrict the creativity of their students. Everyone can choose the project by preference. One may create a magazine or newspaper, radio or TV program. Every year during the bachelor’s project defence the students surprise their teachers with project quality, a high level of journalism skill, bright creative ideas which our national media needs. The department is proud that some of the projects have already been implemented.

Our training is not only the creative activity. It also opens the door for the world of science. Our students choose the path to scientific achievements. The Department of Journalism and Publishing has master course after which the students obtain master’s degree in journalism and qualification of higher educational establishment teacher.

We wish our students creative inspiration, productive training, out-of-the-box ideas and interesting stuff for the articles!

Alona Kyrylenko, Press-Centre of LNU

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