Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

All-Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity

Teachers and students of LTSNU joined the writing of the All-Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity.

The 19th All-Ukrainian Dictation of National Unity is traditionally held on the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language. This year, it united Ukrainians in all corners of the world a little earlier, on November 8th. Everyone could test their knowledge of their native language including celebrities, politicians, writers, journalists, teachers, pupils and students of educational institutions.

The text itself, according to the established tradition, was read by the famous linguist, author of textbooks and manuals on the Ukrainian language and literature Oleksandr Avramenko. This year, the author introduced several elements into the text to check the new version of the current spelling.

At the beginning of the dictation, Valentyna Lesnova addressed all those present with a welcoming speech: ,, Last year, about 32,000 works were received by Ukrainian Radio for verification, 311 of which were error-free, that is, every 10 wrote a work for evaluation, excellentˮ. I hope that this one is every 10 here, among us, and our work will be of high qualityˮ.

The dictation was written by the Rector Serhii Savchenko, Vice-Rectors Dmytro Uzhchenko, Leonid Vakhovskyi and Oleksandr Meniailenko, teachers and students of the university’s structural subdivisions. The participants of the event received positive emotions and felt a real involvement in the significant and truly significant. This is a significant national unity, because speech unites and conquers us.

According to the participants, the dictation was not very difficult, so everyone was willing to wait for the results. An innovation this year was that you could immediately find out your mistakes at 12:00. Within 15 minutes after the end of the dictation, everyone could send their text (photo, scan or screenshot indicating the reverse address) to the email of Ukrainian Radio or to private messages on the page of Ukrainian Radio on Facebook or on Viber.

According to the results of the checked works, the best were: 1st year student of the FUPSC Dmytro Lebedev, 1st year student of the ER IEB Oleksandra Ivanova, 2nd year student of the ER IPP Alena Diadik and Anastasia Klimenko, students of the SHPC Kateryna Mayatska (2 year), Viktoria Sokirka (2 year) and Diana Rybianets (1 year) and students of CLNU Alina Rebrova (2 year), Yaroslav Vinnik (2 year), Valeria Bykadorova (2 year), Marina Fedorenko (2 year), Daria Teplianska (1 year) and Alona Khvorostian (1 year).

Viktoria Kalinina,
Press Center of LTSNU

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