Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Slobozhanska Beseda – 12”

On November 7, the 12th All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Slobozhanska Beseda” started at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University.

The All-Ukrainian Scientific and Practical Conference “Slobozhanska Beseda – 12ˮ has long been considered by scientists as an intellectual conversation about pressing issues of linguistics. Indeed, despite the interest of many participants in this meeting, the study of closely related and distant languages ​​from one another is comparable.

Researchers have focused on text analysis. On the one hand, they are dialectic and thematically united, in particular, the collection “Treasures of Ukrainian Dialects: Texts About Borshch” presented by Valentyna Lesnova, and on the other hand, plot, structured, reminiscent of a story (Kateryna Glukhovtseva). The conclusions of scholars studying the linguocultural dimension of a dialect text (Halyna Hrymashevych), as well as microtexts motivating the names of plants derived from numerals (Inna Horofianiuk), are in harmony with the analysis of linguistically perfect, literary scholars who are able to realize the tasks of competently oriented teaching of the Ukrainian language (Olena Goroshkina) and demonstrate its aesthetic function, actualize the opinion of the sophistication of artistic thinking and writing (Nadiia Bobukh).

A variety of research topics does not reduce their cost, but, on the contrary, indicate the relevance of issues related to the functioning of art discourse, the perfection of advertising etc.

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