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Curatorial hour

A series of open curatorial hours for first-year students continues at the Educational and Research Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology. 

October 22,  a curatorial hour training was held for the first-year students majoring in “Social Work. Social Pedagogy. Practical Psychology” in order to adapt freshmen to the conditions of study in a higher education institution. The organizer was the Assistant Professor of the Social Pedagogy Department Natalia Otroshchenko.

At this event, the student curator of the group Bohdana Kulakovska shared her own experience of student life.

The purpose of the training is to promote the psychological adaptation of freshmen to the learning environment, in particular the correction of false expectations and typical illusions of learning; increasing learning motivation; finding optimal patterns of behavior in the student environment; selection of optimal learning strategies.

In addition, the need to solve the problems of adaptation and other personality problems of students was diagnosed. Students talked about what university education would give them, overcame obstacles in communication with management; discussed whether life events can be shaped by the power of thought; represented themselves after 10 years.

At the end of the lesson, the curator summarized: “You know that success is near. Success is yours. But you will have to work hard, to overcome difficulties to go to your goal. You will definitely achieve it.”

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