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Unforgettable Trip!

Unforgettable trip of LNU students-geographers to Zakarpattia.

The students of the speciality “Geography” of Faculty of Natural Sciences of LNU have had the opportunity to enjoy one of the most interesting regions of Ukraine – Zakarpattia region. During ten days stay at this wonderful place the students have carried out a sightseeing trip to the pearl of Zakarpattia – Synevyr lake and have visited a rehabilitation centre for bears which was created several years ago under the auspices of UNESCO. Also they have stopped by Kolochava village where they have hooked several fish and have feasted fried trout.

Visit to Tereblia-Rikska HPP has been interesting and insightful. There are no analogues to this station in the Europe. The main factor of power production is proximity of Tereblia and Rika rivers, height difference between which is 260 metres. Power produced here is quite cheap though station capacity is not high.

The students have got unforgettable impressions from the trip to the thermal pools in Kosyno village which borders on Hungary. This thermal complex is not worse than Hungary wellness-complexes by its natural properties of mineral water and level of facility and service. The top of delight and good mood was while relaxing at saunas with different temperature and humidity from cold cryochamber (-10º) to herbal (+40º), Hungarian (about +80º) contrast rooms, Turkish hammam and salt grot.

On their way to the village students have visited a deer farm where ostriches are raised as well. The students have learned a lot about the goals and features of breeding these exotic creatures.

They say that if you have been in the Carpathians and you have not admired its nature, have not heard the mountain streams and have not breathed the mountain air – this means you haven’t seen Zakarpattia. Therefore, one day has been devoted to the ascent to Mizhgiria pass with a height of 1576 meters. Then about 15-20 kilometers have been passed along the ridge. A stop has been made near the village of Kamenets, where there was a platform for helicopters of Soviet Union time. From there over the pass students have reached Synevyr lake. Many photos and bright impressions are the evidences of unique beauty of Zakarpattia.

The trip have included many other interesting things: master-class from chief cook of “Kvasur” hut in cooking traditional Hungarian dish – bograch, songs around the campfire, excited discussions.

Traveling to Zakarpattia has allowed to expand understanding the natural and ethno-cultural features and development problems of this region.

Alona Kyrylenko, Press-Centre of LNU

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