Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Semifinal of the League of Laughter

On October 17, the semifinal of the League of Laughter took place at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. 

After the first game of the League of Laughter, four teams went to the semifinals, which had the opportunity to compete for a ticket to the final of the games of the first season. Teams together with their coaches trained under the slogan “Ability to Win”, which brought together the topics of their performances.

The jury consisted of the chairman of the Primary Trade Union Organization of LTSNU Volodymyr Moroz, Oleksandr Sergienko, Svitlana Bezborodykh and Maria Pochinkova.

The first were the team of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology and Social Communications “Gogol Square 1” with the coach Oleksandr Savchenko. The guys were able to perfectly beat the situation as Albert Einstein was looking for his destiny in the modern world. A lot of jokes and miniatures, bright and creative costumes caused laughter in the hall from the first seconds of their performance.

The following after the philologists was the team of the ER IEB “Grandma’s Sideboard”. As in the last game, their coach was Volodymyr Moroz. Their performance was not only entertaining, but also developing in nature, so the task of their performance was to tell how Pythagoras discovered his famous theorem. The modern interpretation of this story was very interested for the audience, so they answered the actors with loud applause.

The team of the faculty of natural sciences, “Fifth Floor – Only Stars Are Above” and coach Svetlana Bezborodykh showed such an outstanding personality as Christopher Columbus. Unsurpassed acting and unexpected transformations won the hearts of the audience from the first miniature.

The last was the team of the ER IHIRSPS “Well, Why Not?” together with Volodymyr Moroz. They interestingly and modernly beat situations related to the ancient Greek thinker Archimedes.

The first team that went to the finals was “Gogol Square 1”. After the performance of all the teams, the jury could not take a unanimous decision, that is why the teams had to play the reverse warm-up. The second team that went to the finals was the team of the ER IHIRSPS “Well, Why Not?”

And this did not end there, because the fair jury made a present for another team that became a finalist. During a long and intense back warm-up, the team, “Fifth Floor – Only Stars Are Above”, gathered strength and defeated the team “Grandma’s Sideboard”.

It was a very lively, emotional and fun semifinal of the first season of the “League of Laughter”. We wish inspiration, optimism and creativity to our teams for the finals to be held in December.


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