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Tour around Gogol places

The teaching staff of the Institute of Culture and Arts visited a long tour around Gogol places in the Poltava region. 

The route began from Dikanka, the village of Nikolai Gogol, where he was born. Dikanka land keeps the memory of the Battle of Poltava, the legends around the hetman of Ukraine Ivan Mazepa, secrets and traditions of the Kochubeis.

In Gogolevo, teachers visited the National Museum-Reserve of Nikolai Gogol, which was created on the territory of the former Gogolev-Yanovskyi estate. Unfortunately, the estate was not preserved in its original form, but was restored according to plans, memoirs, letters of contemporaries, old photographs and on the basis of Gogol’s “Book of All Sorts of Things” and was opened in 1984.

A beautiful park and light rain set the mood for romance and created a truly mystical and mysterious atmosphere of Gogol’s places.

The village of Velyki Sorochyntsi is famous for its Church in the Ukrainian Baroque style, dungeons and the famous square of Sorochynskyi Fair.

The excursion ended with a walk through the wonderful sanatorium parks of Mirgorod, places of rest, resorts and healing water.

The teaching staff of the Institute of Culture and Arts expresses gratitude to the Primary Trade Union Organization of the University for their help in organizing such an informative and interesting vacation.

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