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Admission Campaign 2015 is Picking Up Speed

Admission Campaign 2015 is going on at LNU.

Admission Committee has already been working for more than a week. The first days of work have been the busiest ones – ongoing consultations for applicants and acceptance of documents have been conducted in express mode. All members of Admission Committee have been working professionally that allowed applicants applying quickly. This year many applicants use all features of the electronic application that simplifies the process of admission.

The Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology has become the most popular among the applicants. Such specialities as Social Pedagogy and Primary Education are at the first places. Speciality “Physical Education” of the Institute of Physical Education and Sports is not far behind.


Iryna Voropaieva

We decided to talk to the applicant – Iryna Voropaieva – and to find out why our university is the prime choice for her:

“This year I have graduated from College of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University. My speciality was “Document Science” and I haven’t had any doubts regarding my future choice. I have made it a long ago – a decision to connect my life with LNU was ultimate for me.

After graduating from college I have a possibility to apply for the third year of study. I have chosen the Institute of Physics, Mathematics and Informational Technologies, the speciality “Document Science and Information Activity”. For the years of education college has become dear to me. Now I dream to be a part of big friendly family of Luhansk University.

I have heard only good words about the university and teachers. I know some of them and they are really professionals. The university is always involved in scientific activity, LNU is a participant of different European programs and there is even a chance to study abroad.

Important, that after obtaining bachelor’s degree I may combine study for specialist’s and master’s degree.   And also one may enter other speciality. Now studying on higher level doesn’t depend on your previous speciality.

Quality education at LNU is my choice!”.


Let us recall that Admission Campaign is going on. You can find more information on the website www.luguniv.edu.ua (“University entrants” tab).

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Alona Kyrylenko, Press-Centre of LNU

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