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Auditorium presentation

On September 27, the presentation of the work of the agronomic auditorium of the Department of Biology and Agronomy of the Faculty of Naturals took place.

The specialty “Agronomy” at the university was licensed already during the transfer of our educational institution to the city of Starobilsk. The educational program “Agronomy” aimed at formation of a system of competencies for future specialists in organizing and implementing the technology for the production of high-quality environmentally friendly agricultural products. An analysis of the modern sphere of activity of specialists-agrarians shows the need to change the content of student training in modern social challenges, taking into account European trends, innovative approaches and the needs of our region.

This specialty has been in great demand among applicants since its opening. More than 70 people enter this specialty annually. Students majoring in “Agronomy” study at the educational levels of Bachelor and Master. Graduates can continue their studies in the Ph.D. degree. Under the guidance of Professor Serhii Masliyov, the well-known scientific agronomic school in Ukraine is being formed.

Today, at the Department of Biology and Agronomy of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, a presentation of the renewed agronomic auditorium took place. The presentation was attended by the first Vice-Rector Vitalii Kurylo, Vice-Rectors for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Dmytro Uzhchenko and Oleksandr Babichev.

The auditorium was presented by the Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences Natalia Matzai, Head of the Department of Biology and Agronomy Serhii Masliiov and Assistant of the Department Natalia Korzhova. The auditorium is equipped for multimedia lectures, as well as laboratory and practical classes. The auditorium presents plant samples of crops grown in the experimental plots of the department of scientific and technical training in the agronomic direction of LTSNU.

We wish our scientists, postgraduate students, master’s students and students fruitful work, creative inspiration and new scientific achievements.

According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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