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International Smiley Day at FIM

On September 19, 2019, the Faculty of Foreign Languages held an event dedicated to the International Smiley Day.

Smiley Day is an unofficial smile festival.

For the first time this feast at the Faculty of Foreign Languages celebrated in 2018. Then the Mannequin Challenge was organized, which was at the peak of worldwide popularity. And the students of each specialty presented the smiley face which they liked best.

In this year, thanks to an asset of student self-government, we caught a new wave of the global trend – the rukhanku!

The rukhanka is a physical or dance exercise performed to the music for the purpose of healing the body

Students in 1-4 courses of all specialties joined the flash mob and had fun celebrating this holiday. They took an active part in the dancing and surprised their bright performances and charged everyone with positive energy and good mood.

Therefore, students of the Faculty of Foreign Languages are constantly proving that we all need to be up-to-date and follow the world trends!

Lectures of the faculty were also invited to the celebration, who wished students to be as bright, smiling and happy as a smiley face.

Smiley helps to better understand the interlocutor, to catch his mood, after all, they are just funny and cause positive emotions.

Celebrating interesting events at the Faculty of Foreign Languages is an integral part of active, student’s life. For first-year students, student’s life is just beginning and we wish them success in their educational and extracurricular activities.

According to Faculty of Foreign Languages

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