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The field is always in the agronomist’s heart

Students majoring in “Agronomy” (Faculty of Natural Sciences) learned about the features of the implementation of autumn field work.

One of the components of the training of future specialists majoring in Agronomy is the consolidation of knowledge, skills and abilities in the field. For practical training in the structure of our university, a department of scientific and technical training in the agronomic direction has been created.

Departures to the department of scientific and technical training in the agronomic direction aimed at forming a system of professional competencies for agronomic students necessary for use in future professional activities.

It should be noted that on the margins of the department are laid the scientific research of teachers, postgraduate students and master’s students, which provide students with the opportunity to learn about the solution of complex problems of organizing and implementing production technologies for high-quality, environmentally friendly agricultural products in a balanced environment. For this purpose, the students’ trip was introduced to the peculiarities of autumn field work, namely: tillage, fertilizing and sowing winter crops.

During the visit, the head of the Department of Biology and Agronomy, Professor Serhii Masliov, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, Associate Professor Natalia Matsai, Associate Professor Oleksandr Beseda and postgraduate student Natalia Korzhova conducted excursions at research sites where experiments on the subject of scientific work of the department were laid.

It should be noted, today in our country, as well as throughout the world, the profession of agronomist is increasing its popularity. Therefore, every year the number of people wishing to study in this difficult, but very interesting profession is growing.

According to the Faculty of Natural Sciences

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