Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Festival of Thoughts in Poltava

Students majoring in Audiovisual Art and Production of the ER ICA visited the Festival of Thoughts.

According to the organizers the Festival of Thoughts is a platform for open discussion of the challenges facing society. Leaders of non-governmental organizations, activists and representatives of local self-government should come together to openly debate on social topics that concern Poltava residents, to find new ideas and answers.

The Festival coincided with Ukrainian Cinema Day. Students marked this date by attending the discussion “What is happening with Ukrainian cinema and what do spectators want?”, among the speakers of which was a famous writer, film playwright Andrii Kokotiukha.

During the discussion, financing of Ukrainian films, censorship, and how to make the audience go to the cinema specifically for Ukrainian cinema were discussed.

The first Festival of Thoughts in Poltava ended with the screening of the documentary film “Word House” directed by Taras Tomenko.

According to the ER ICA

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