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Excursion to “UA: POLTAVA”

The first and second-year students majoring in “Audiovisual Art and Production” of the ER ICA visited the broadcasting company “UA: POLTAVA”.

The excursion was conducted by the second-year master’s student of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts Olena Nikiforenko, who works as a host on the radio Poltava.

Olena Mykolaivna conducted a short excursion through the history of the building of the television and radio company, showed where the programs are filmed, where they are mounted and voiced. She introduced to professional journalists and provided an opportunity for students to try themselves in the role of radio presenter.

The excursion to “UA: POLTAVA” did not leave indifferent freshmen who willingly shared their impressions.

“We went up to the broadcasting room, where we tried ourselves in the role of announcers. Each of us read the prepared text, and for comparison and self-improvement this text was also read by a professional announcer. After that we were shown a studio and introduced to the staff of the television and radio company,” a freshman Andrii said.

“It was fun and instructive. It turns out that you can’t take the microphone, only the pen, you can breathe, but carefully and little by little. We were also prompted by some exercises on rhetoric and diction. It was an interesting pastime,” a freshman Yulia said.

Such excursions have already become a good tradition of the Institute. They provide an opportunity for students to look behind the curtains of the television production process and get their first radio recording.


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