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Participation in the training

Students of the Institute of Culture and Arts took part in the practical training “Improving the Prevention of Violence and HIV”.

In Poltava, students of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts were invited to take part in a training on violence prevention and the development of social projects. The two-day training was conducted by the Crimea SOS organization with the support of the UNHCR and was created for internally displaced persons with the aim of their support and integration into society.

The first day of the training was purely theoretical. During the classes, the concepts of gender, gender-based violence, an overview of the problem of sexual and gender-based violence, the main forms of gender-based violence, domestic violence, common myths about HIV / AIDS, HIV prevention methods, etc. were examined.

The second day contained the practical part and was devoted to social projects and various group interactions. The presentation of the company “16 Days Against Violence” was held, and then the participants were offered classes on project design, working with the media, developing projects in small groups. Participants had the opportunity to develop their projects, which were presented at the end of the event.

The participants received presentation materials and certificates, as well as valuable knowledge that will allow them to engage in high-level public, charitable and educational activities in the future. Based on the results of the training, an initiative group will be created, which, with the support of the organization, will implement a project on violence prevention in December.

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