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Team Ultimate Strongman Championship U105 2019

The World Team Ultimate Strongman Championship U105 2019 took place in the city of Melitopol.

Five strongest teams in the world fought the for the official title of “The Strongest Nation on the Planet in Middleweight”.

The ultimate strongmen of the world competed in the main square of Melitopol. They were teams of Chile, Canada, the Czech Republic, Latvia and Ukraine. Also the winners of the last World Cup – the Polish national team – were to take part in the competitions. Last year, the Ukrainian athletes lost the first place to the Poles, having lost 0.19 seconds in the last exercise. For a whole year, our athletes trained to take revenge. But two weeks ago, the Polish national team refused to participate in the championship.

At these prestigious competitions Ukraine was represented by Andrii Ananiev and Mykhailo Khodiakov (Kharkiv city), Valentyn Burmistrov (Zaporizhzhia city), Valerii Hazaiev (Melitopol city) and teacher of the Educational and Research Institute of Physical Education and Sports of LTSNU Oleksandr Dubovoi.

The competition program consisted of five difficult and very entertaining exercises. The strongmen participated in the race relay, where they needed to overcome a distance of 20 meters with heavyweight shells. Athletes raised kegs, axels, logs and other projectiles, whose weight was several times their own weight.

Each exercise was accompanied by stormy applause and cries of Melitopol citizens, who motivated our athletes to win.

From the first exercise, the Ukrainian sportsmen took the lead and retained the championship until the final. According to the results of four of the five exercises, the Ukrainian national team won ahead of schedule, gaining the highest score. Thus, the Ukrainian strongmen won the title of “The Strongest Nation on the Planet in Middleweight” for the second time.

The Czech team won the silver medal at the World Championships. The national team of Canada took the third place, the team of Latvia – the fourth place, the fifth place was taken by the national team of Chile.

Congratulations to the Ukrainian strongmen and to the teacher of the Department of Olympic and Professional Sports, Master of Sports of Ukraine Oleksandr Dubovoi.

We wish you further success and bright new victories!


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