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Field practice for geographers

As you know, it is impossible to educate a geographer only by books, practice is needed.

The educational process of training students majoring in “Secondary Education (Geography)” provides for passing field practices, which are traditionally held in late May – first half of June.

Practice on the 3rd year is complex and provides for students to stay on the route. The purpose of the practice is to develop among students-geographers the skills of conducting field stationary and route physiographic and economic-geographical observations, to study in field conditions the geographical patterns of the spatial distribution of natural components and natural complexes, the characteristics of their functioning in natural conditions and under the influence of anthropogenic activity on the selected to practice the route, expanding the geographical horizon, consolidating the ability to explore, describe and characterize the nature, population, settlement, agriculture based on standard procedures, the ability to conduct tours.

The route followed by the students along with the head ran through 10 regions: from the easternmost (Luhansk) to the westernmost (Zakarpattia) region of Ukraine. Students-geographers had the opportunity to see different regions and experience their specificity (natural, ethnocultural and economic), to get acquainted with the most interesting objects, including UNESCO cultural and natural heritage sites including St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the historical center of Lviv, the Residence of the Metropolitan of Bukovina and Dalmatia, “Beech forests of the Carpathians”.

The Carpathian Mountains, Lviv and Kyiv, Kamianets-Podilskyi and Khotyn fortresses, the Bakot Bay left the unforgettable impressions on students. They also visited the territory of two natural reserves, in the geographical center of Europe. And this time the group was fortunate enough to go on excursions and chat with colleagues and students at three national universities in the cities of Kamianets-Podilskyi, Chernivtsi and Lviv, and also to visit Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.

During the practice, students learned to work in a team, conduct observations, studied in depth certain topics (“Historical and geographical regions of Ukraine”, “Multifunctional city, the millionaire city”, “Nature of the Carpathians”, etc.). The intensive program of practice was realized thanks to the maximum assistance of the administration of Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, as well as thanks to the support of fellow geographers from friendly universities.

At the same time, junior students had field practice in geology, meteorology, hydrology, topography, and others. The basis for these practices were areas of the northern part of the Luhansk region.


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