Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Final attestation at the ER ICA

Graduates majoring in “Musical Art” of the Institute of Culture and Arts successfully passed the final attestation.

The final attestation for our graduates was held in the form of a comprehensive qualification exam in professional disciplines and consisted of the performance of a solo program and answers to theoretical questions. It was traditionally held in the form of open concerts in the Poltava Children’s Music School named after Platon Maiboroda and in the assembly hall of the Poltava University of Economics and Trade.

The chairman of the examination commission was Andrii Stashevskyi, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Doctor of Art History, Professor. He noted the high level of performance skills of graduates, separately mentioning Viktoria Kurdaieva (piano), Dmytro Goloborodov (trumpet), Valeria Shaplyk (flute), Ruslan Teteryatnyk (trombone). A graduate Anastasia Paramonova was the best conductor of the orchestra of folk instruments. And among the vocalists, Anastasia Burika and Anastasia Nikolaieva were the best (both are pop vocals).

Attestation was also attended by the audience, who watched with interest the various creative performances including performances of vocalists, solo instrumental programs, symphony orchestra and folk instruments orchestra.

The staff of the commission and the administration of the Institute of Culture and Arts wishes graduates success, inspiration and good friends on the path to creative self-perfection.


According to the ER ICA

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