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“Recovery Program”

Students of the ER IPP became participants in the implementation of the pilot project “Recovery Program for Minors Who Are Suspected of Committing a Crime.”

The authors of the project “Recovery Program for Minors Who Are Suspected of Committing a Crime” are the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine. The project is being implemented by the Public Organization “Center for General Development “Effective Community”. The program provides a set of rehabilitation activities for minors, bringing them to an active social life, volunteering, undergoing psychological correction, prevention, education, rehabilitation.

The theory and practice of social-pedagogical and psychological work with minors who are in conflict with the law have been developing at the ER IPP for about 15 years. This direction of research was started in 2005 by the head of the Department of Social Pedagogy, Professor S. Kharchenko, Professor O. Karaman, General S. Gorenko, who then headed the General Directorate of the State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine in the Luhansk region. Then our University became the first in Ukraine, which began to provide higher education convicted to various types of punishments.

During 15 years, a doctoral dissertation (O. Karaman), a Ph.D. thesis (S. Gorenko) was defended on the problem of socio-pedagogical and psychological work with convicts, a monograph was published (O. Karaman), a number of teaching aids (S. Kharchenko, O. Karaman). The materials of our scientists were widely used and continue to be used in correctional and educational colonies, probation services of Ukraine.

The recovery program for minors who are suspected of committing a crime is aimed at correcting and re-socializing minors and integrating them into society as full-fledged citizens.


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