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Defense of bachelor’s works

On June 4, the defense of bachelor’s works was held in the large exhibition hall of the Vasyl Krychevsky Poltava Museum of Local Lore.

Students majoring in “Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration” with a reduced term of training and “Fine Arts” of the Educational and Research Institute of Culture and Arts defended their works.

The Qualification Commission chaired by O. K. Tarasenko, Associate Professor of the Department of Fine Arts of the Poltava National Pedagogical University named after V. G. Korolenko, noted a high level of students’ proficiency in various techniques of fine and decorative arts. And this is despite the fact that all master students worked in techniques that were uncharacteristic of them, resorted to creative experiments that turned out to be extremely successful.

Inna Davydenko presented a work done in the batik technique, called “Ivana Kupala” (scientific adviser – I.A. Gurzh). A pleasant surprise for the commission was that the student also created a shawl based on her work.

The painting “Fight” by Svitlana Kompaniets (scientific adviser – T. V. Polishchuk) reveals the problem of the influence of public opinion on a person.

Maryna Tolmachova in her work “The Blind” (scientific adviser – by N.G. Mikeladze), based on the eponymous symbolist drama of M. Meterlink, addressed the topic of blindness as a symbol of human fear and helplessness.

High mastery of computer graphics was demonstrated by Yulia Golovova in the composition “Three Transformations” (scientific adviser – O.V. Sobolevskyi), which appeared under the influence of F. Nietzsche’s treatise “So Zarathustra Said”.

The commission and those present were especially impressed by the sculptural composition “Who Are We?” by Nadiia Zaichenko (scientific adviser – I. A. Gurzhii), made of chamotte mass, followed by roasting and glazing.

Zhanna Abel successfully passed a comprehensive exam and presented a decorative composition “Search” (scientific adviser – N.G. Mikeladze), in which she revealed the problem of Internet addiction among young people.

The creation of a truly creative atmosphere and artistic context during the qualification exam was promoted not only by the aura of the museum, but also by the exhibition of works by all students majoring in “Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration”, which has been going on since May 17.

We wish our bachelors further professional growth, new ideas for experimentation, creative self-realization!


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