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Final attestation at the DPTVE

On June 4, final attestation began at the Department of Production Technologies and Vocational Education.

The administration of the Institute of Commerce, Serving Technology and Tourism has prepared all the necessary documentation, set up a schedule for conducting final attestation, formed examination commissions. The staff of the Department of Production Technology and Vocational Education carried out a thorough organizational work in preparation for the final attestation. In total, 86 bachelors in six specialties were admitted to the final attestation.

During the first two days, 4th year students majoring in “Professional Education. Transport”, “Professional education. The Technology of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products” passed the exam in the specialty, which took place in writing. The contents of the tickets included both theoretical questions and tasks for developing lesson plans, designing fragments of lessons. Students carefully prepared for final exams, so they successfully overcame this milestone.

Also, students of these specialties defended final qualifying works. The task of the final works was the design of areas for car repairs, agricultural equipment, design of service centers for car repairs, equipment modernization, improvement of repair technologies, design of devices, etc.

It is necessary to note the thorough preparation of students and the content of final works. Thus, students Vilen Kolesnikov, Maksym Koshan, Stanislav Podrezov, Vladyslav Sasov defended their works perfectly.

Congratulations to students on successful completion of training!


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