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Final attestation at the ER IPES

At the Institute of Physical Education and Sports, the final attestation of full-time and part-time forms of training in the field of “Secondary Education. (Physical Culture)”, “Physical Culture and Sport. Sport”, “Physical Education” and “Sports” has finished. 

The final attestation was held in the field of “Secondary Education. (Physical Culture)”, “Physical Culture and Sports. Sports”, “Physical Education” and “Sports”.

According to the results of attestation for full-time education in the specialty “Physical Education”, 7 graduates received “Excellent”, 14 graduates received “Good” and 3 ones received “Satisfactory”. The most accurate were the answers of Liubov Novikova, Liubov Zhurba, Natalia Griniuk. Olena Zinova received a bachelor’s degree with honors.

On the specialty “Secondary Education. (Physical Culture)” Kateryna Efremova received the mark “excellent”, 1 student received “good”, and three ones – “satisfactory”.

On the part-time form of education, in the specialty “Physical Education”, Tetiana Butko received an “excellent” mark, 10 students received “good”, 3 – “satisfactory”.

On the specialty “Secondary Education. (Physical Culture) good marks were received by 9 graduates, “satisfactory” – by 2 graduates.

According to the results of the final attestation of specialties “Sports” and “Physical Culture and Sports. Sports” 27 students passed the exam. 7 students received the “excellent” marks. They were Tetiana Kopteva, Dmytro Gurulov, Igor Dmitriiev in the specialty “Physical Culture and Sports. Sport” with a reduced period of study; Yaroslav Onishchenko, Vladislav Kaliuzhnyi in the specialty “Sports” full-time education; Nikita Nazarenko, Iryna Nikolaeva in the specialty “Physical Education and Sport. Sport” with a reduced term of study, part-time form of education. Eighteen students received “good” marks, and 2 students – “satisfactory”.

Congratulations to our graduates on passing exams. We wish you continued success in life and never rest on one’s laurels. The following exams will be held from June 11 to 14, 2019 in the following specialties: “Human Health”, “Physical Rehabilitation”, “Secondary Education. Human Health”, “Physical Therapy, Ergotherapy”.


According to the information of the ER IPES

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