Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Academic Council Session

A regular session of Academic Council was conducted on June 26 where several issues were considered.

The implementation of decisions of the Academic Council for the 2014-2015 academic year was reported by the scientific secretary of the university Halyna Shchuka. The speaker noted that during the academic year the Academic Council made considerable efforts for the organization of successful work of the university under the conditions of forced relocation to the city of Starobilsk.

Among the main results there were the following mentioned. In the sphere of administrative activity: the university was transferred to a new legal address: 1 Gogol Square, the City of Starobilsk, 92700; faculties, institutes of the university were transferred to the place of new location, selection of necessary personnel of managers, assistants, secretaries and supervisors was provided. There is work continuing to optimize the structure of the university. It was put into effect in accordance with the updated law on higher education internal regulations for governing the university activity; work on bringing the Statute of the university in accordance with the Law on Higher Education; the strategy of the university development until 2020.

During the academic year the scientific activity of the university was aimed at the implementation of the Programme of Science Development at Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National Universitiy. Complex department subjects of scientific researches were reregistered according to the taken decisions.

A presentation of preliminary results of research projects financed from the state budget of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is being prepared. The university has eight such projects.

A number of important steps were performed in the sphere of educational activity of the university for the 2014 – 2015 academic year. In particular, the following was performed: the educational process was changed to remote-extramural form; the formation of the teaching load of teachers who have stayed working at the university, production of documents on higher education of the state standard. Also the following was developed: remote courses, new curricula and educational programs in accordance with the Law on Higher Education; requirements for preparation of the work programs of disciplines, texts of lectures, methodical recommendations for practical and seminars, self-study materials for students. There were adjustments made to the organization of production and training practices, taking into account the conditions of the functioning of educational institutions, enterprises and establishments in the region. In addition, there is a work on improving the quality of distance learning courses; improvement of the procedure of establishing independent work of students in Moodle; the phased reduction of the annual teaching load of scientific and pedagogical workers up to 600 hours; introduction of English-language master’s and bachelor’s programs.

Due to the nature of the educational process there was heightened attention paid to the issue of technical support of the educational process.

However, in the field of educational activity during the year they didn’t did managed to achieve significant progress in the following areas: participation in the international educational projects; search for partners to send students of LNU abroad for training and participation in educational programs.

One of the main areas was vocational guidance and promotional work. In this area it was developed “Complex Advertising and Career Guidance Activities to Attract Applicants to LTSNU for 2014-2015 Academic Year” within the program of supporting the positive image of the educational establishment.

In the social and humanitarian sphere the team of the university was aimed at the development of students’ patriotism and respect for the Ukrainian cultural and historical values; the development of a fully developed, intelligent, socially active citizen. Participants of military operations in the east of Ukraine, members of the families of Heroes of Heaven Hundreds, persons of modern culture, art, science, sports, who have shown active citizenship are involved For national-patriotic education of students.

Training programs are corrected to provide them with the national-patriotic focus.

The questions of formation of legal consciousness and citizenship of students remain important. There was a need to improve the efficiency of work in the conditions of remote access and the work with the students of privileged categories requires close attention.

Thus, the Scientific Council notes that the main tasks are performed by 80 – 85%.

Those tasks that failed to implement on a full scale remain important, work on them is continued. University will return to their evaluation next year.

“Approval of Curricula and Programs for 2015 – 2016 Academic Year” was reported by Valentyna Liesnova, Head of Department of Quality Control of Educational Process Planning.

Halyna Shchuka was heard on assigning academic titles. So, according to the secret voting the academic title of Docent of the Department of Social Pedagogy was assigned to the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences Oksans Luhantseva, of the Department of Romance and Germanic Philology – to Candidate of Philological Sciences Olena Tarasova.

Several issues were considered among the various. In particular, the issue on approval of changes to the rules of admission to the university in 2015; the recommendation for publication of scientific and educational works; the approval of the master’s thesis topics and so on.

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