Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Reporting concerts

The Institute of Culture and Arts held the reporting concerts of the specialty “Choreography”.

The cycle of reporting concerts consisted of two blocks – modern and folk. In addition to direct performances of graduates of the 4th year, the vocal performances were also performed as part of the concerts, and choreographic compositions were shown that are included in the general curriculum.

The modern block was presented by 4th year students Olena Vidishova and Anastasia Kuznetsova, both solo and conceptual performances, which were distinguished not only by the skill of their performance, but also by the presence of an idea that was easy to follow thanks to the efforts of the dancers.

Folk block was surprisingly interesting, because the audience could admire a completely new compositions that were shown for the first time. Students Vladislava Bezuglova and Oleksandra Lysenko demonstrated performances “Pleskach” and “Fair”.

Concerts gathered a lot of interested spectators and became a real holiday for teachers and students of the Institute.

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