Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

“Past and Present of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka”

The head of the Student Social Service Sector gave a lecture on the theme “Past and Present of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka”.

The traditions of the Ukrainian state have become an integral part of modern life. World Embroidery Day is not only respect for the centuries-old values ​​of our people, it is the unity of generations, the personification of faith in a bright European future.

Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University traditionally joins the celebration, teachers organize various competitions and exhibitions. The Student Social Service, headed by Olena Dukhova, also did not stay aside of today’s events. So, on this day the Olena Dukhova came to children who are in conflict with the law, and held a lecture on the topic “Past and Present of Ukrainian Vyshyvanka.”

She told the audience about the history of this ancient attire, and its important role in preserving the spiritual unity of the Ukrainian people. Children became active listeners and asked questions that interested them. Working with children in conflict with the law is especially important today. After all, the successful socialization of these individuals is impossible without accompaniment and support.

Olena Dukhova told about the themes of embroidery patterns, which are unique for each region of Ukraine. It was especially interesting for children to hear about the history of the formation of the World Vyshyvanka Day. By the way, it is also celebrated in the USA, Canada, European countries and Australia.

The holiday of embroidery today united a large family of Luhansk National University. Traditions of ancient Ukrainian clothes will forever remain in the hearts of our staff and students. 

Olena Dukhova,
 head of the Student Social Services Sector

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