Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

State Exams are Finished

So, state exams at the Department of Culturology, Cinema and Television Art of ICA are finished.

A new life has started for the magistrands because they are masters now and bachelors can stay still students for a year, already having a bachelor’s degree.

Students of specialties “Culturology” and “Cinema and Television Art” passed state exams which were conducted according to a schedule from 8 to 11 of June, 2015.

Future bachelors passed “Complex Qualifying Examination in Special Disciplines”. These are a number of disciplines: for Culturology – history of Ukrainian culture, Artistic culture of Ukraine, World Culture History, Sociocultural activity, theory of culture, teaching methods for cultural disciplines; for Cinema and Television Art – history of world and national cinema and television art, television programs editing, presenter skills, cinema and cameraman skills, theory and practice of montage.

The fifth-year students did well. The examination included graduate work’s defense. Presented works were on a wide range of topics – from social and economical to cultural and educational. The works were performed in different genres, forms and formats.

Magistrands were on top. Their performances were at a professional level. Magistrands showed significant preparation and knowledge at defense. Magistrands participated in scientific conferences to approbate their works: “The Figurative Word of Luhanshchyna”, “Domestic Science at the Turn of Epochs: Problems and Development Prospects”, “Creative Search in the Arts and Arts Education: Traditions, Modernity and Possibilities”.

I would like to wish our graduates easy road to adulthood!

Acting Head of Department of Culturology, Cinema and Television Art
I. V. Tsarova

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