Луганський національний університет імені Тараса Шевченка

Basketball players in the Student Championship

The combined student team of our university took part in the regional stage of the Ukrainian Student Basketball 3×3 Championship.

Following the handball team, the combined student team of our university, consisting of Dmytro Karpenko, Oleksandr Kava, Vitalii Kondratenko and Oleksandr Kulachko, participated in the regional stage of the Ukrainian Student Basketball 3×3 Championship.

The trip to Kharkiv on April 17 was held with the financial support of the University’s Trade Union Organization (Chairman – Volodymyr Moroz).

In the city of Kharkiv, 10 university teams struggled for 2 tickets to the final. Our players were in such a representative competition for the first time, so there was a certain excitement. It was necessary to play against teams whose members play at the Ukrainian championships in professional teams. The game conditions of the teams were different. And no matter how hard Evhen Reshetilo tried, the coach-representative of our team did not always succeed in setting up the guys for the game.

In the first match against the citizens of Sumy, our team acted fairly confidently, but at the end of the game they didn’t have enough strength and they lost three points, losing with a score of 16:19. In the other two games there was also a tangible advantage of the opponent; our team lost with the scores of 20:12 and 22:2. Nevertheless, fortune smiled at our players and they showed fighting qualities in the final game. They outplayed the winner of their subgroup with a minimum score of 17:16.

Thanking to participation in these competitions, the guys got a great game practice, they saw completely different basketball. The player needs to have good physical training to withstand the high pace of the game. One need to train a lot in order to achieve good results. Good luck, guys!


Petro Yaroshenko,
Sports Club Chairman

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