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World Blood Donor Day 2015 – “Thank You for Saving My Life”

Every year on 14 June Ukraine celebrates World Blood Donor Day.

World Blood Donor Day is the event established on May 2005 during the 58th World Health Assembly in Geneva, held on June 14 and is timed to the birthday of Karl Landsteiner, an Austrian physician immunologist who discovered the blood group.

The word “donor” comes from the Latin “donare” – “to present”. In the case of blood donors, a gift for recipient is often a life. This day is held to express gratitude to the blood donors that every day save lives by offering their own blood. This year campaign theme is “Thank You for Saving My Life”.

Students of the Department of Laboratory Diagnostics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences are active members of the donor movement. Repeatedly donating blood, each of them helps to save someone’s life. According to the students – this is their humane attitude and compassion for sick people and those who need blood. The active participation of our students in the donor movement is following the principles of health professional ethics.

Department of Laboratory Diagnostics

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